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Trip to the Dart January 24th 2016

Starring Andy, Fergie, Ian, Jane, John, Poady, Rich & Tim.  As a newbie to white water the flow under the bridge was intimidating, but I watched how Jane slid into the flow and tried to copy her.  It must have worked because no one capsized in the 10 yards from the put-in to the bridge.

It wasn’t long though, a short distance down from the start, Poady somehow got breached on the bank.  The newbies stayed out the way while Jane, Rich and Andy scooped up Poady and his Inazone.

Seal launch

A brief hunt for his paddle was solved by Rich, finding it wedged into a tree root where Poady had had his spill.

The first couple of rock gardens were exhilarating, and I gradually stopped tensing up as I bounced from rock to rock to smashing through a wave.  We made it all the way down to the “Washing Machine” before the second spill of the day.

Seal Launch

It was my turn. I was a little too far right at the bottom of the run and clipped the rolling wave of the Machine, spun round backwards and then realised there was another wave waiting for me. Foolishly (new remember) I tried to turn around, the result being that I hit the wave sideways, and it was time to take a swim.

Again the experienced members did a stirling job of rescue, and soon I was on the bank, draining my Inazone and having managed to keep hold of my paddle (proud).

As I drip-dried, the others had a play in the waves, then it was off downstream again. This time trying to stay out of range of several large groups who were on the river behind us (and catching up).