Places where we launch for club sessions

This is our home base.  We have access to clubhouse facilities and a long ‘slipway’.  Parking is on site but you will either need a key for the gate or contact a key holder to gain access.

GPS: 51.843558, -2.267042;
w3w: fires.clown.acute

This launch point is in a private carpark so you need permission from the Boat Inn.

GPS: 51.923674, -2.264871;
w3w: stirs.blanking.gratitude

This is a public car park / mooring point and picnic area on the river Avon. It provides access to a beautiful and peaceful stretch of the river but will involve portages around locks upstream if required.

GPS: 52.078703, -2.114726;
w3w: cabs.gain.heap – parking
w3w: consumed.movements.roughness – launch point

This launch point is just south of the car park for the community centre, near to the canoe centre. You can stop on the left to unload your boat but you should park in the carpark provided. There is a bus stop just outside the picnic area so a useful way to return to your car – if there is a bus!

GPS: 51.866357, -2.608655
w3w: hindering.outcasts.jubilant – parking
w3w: cherish.picnic.garages – launch point

This is another public car park and picnic area on the right at the end of the lane. This is a semi-active ferry point with a concrete launch slipway. There are usually a lot of ducks etc. there.  This is also the location for our Tewkesbury Marathon race.

GPS: 51.983601, -2.175682
w3w: forgiven.aced.blinks

This is usually an exit point from Kerne Bridge but can be used for trips down to Symonds Yat.  It is a small public carpark with steps down to the river.  This is just below the rapids and can be rocky in low water.

GPS: 51.850056, -2.588301
w3w: inflating.blocks.dressing

This is also a public car park off Horseshoe Drive.  Be aware that there is a height barrier!

GPS: 51.875666, -2.268019
w3w: skis.flexibly.pricier

Public car park at the very end of Pixham Ferry Lane.  This can be quite tricky in low water.

GPS: 52.135207, -2.233487
w3w: employers.gurgling.elite

Public car park opposite the village church – St John’s.  This is also a picnic area with a good launching jetty provided by British Waterways.  The bridge keeper likes to be informed when canoes are being launched.  Can be busy and popular with walkers and other paddlers.

GPS: 51.735619, -2.447288
w3w: frightens.happier.norms

This is a small and narrow car park just before the bridge over the canal off Merlin Drive, Quedgeley. Canoes need to be carried over the bridge and launched on the down stream side. This can be awkward and you need to be aware of the metal edge to the canal.

GPS: 51.833624, -2.283288
w3w: head.small.lungs – parking
w3w: – launch

Parking is on the side of Wye Street near the Riverside Inn PH.  The road is a fair way from the river so does involve a bit of a carry.

GPS: 51.913459, -2.589312
w3w: hazelnuts.storming.skippers

This is a British Waterways car park beyond the Canal Heritage Centre. This is a pay-and-display car park. Users should avoid using the Whitecliff College Rowing Club slipway unless permission is sought.

GPS: 51.781730, -2.355677
w3w: circle.elsewhere.present – parking
w3w: swatting.unroll.cascade – launching

This is in the Royal Lodge car park and is also pay-and-display.

GPS: 51.838631, -2.638601
w3w: seducing.offer.quarrel

This is on the Bredon side of the River Avon. From Tewkesbury take the B4080 towards Bredon. Turn left immediately before passing under the motorway (M5) and continue to the very end of the lane (this is at the waters edge). There is a large turning circle that is also used by fishermen. There is also a small slipway (concrete) that can be awkward if launching racing canoes.  Be aware that kit left unsecured will be stolen!

GPS: 52.027225, -2.139084
w3w: brew.pesky.backward

The map shows the drop off point for launching just up from the road bridge.  Longer term parking is in the lane on the opposite side of the river – East Waterside.

GPS: 52.065038, -2.218346
w3w: plots.cassettes.canny – parking
w3w: nanny.steroids.polka – launch

Paddling in Gloucestershire