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Introductory Sessions

The aim of these sessions is to introduce potential new members to the Club by allowing you to try out the sport on up to three occasions before having to make a decision as to whether you wish to continue and, hopefully, join Gloucester Canoe Club.

All sessions will be done in kayaks, although there is access to open canoes for those who would prefer this aspect of canoeing.

These sessions are organised by our coaching team and are offered on Tuesday nights at club sessions. You should consult the club diary for specific dates. Sessions start at 6pm. In the winter we run club sessions at the Gloucester Leisure Centre and so it is possible that Induction sessions can take place there. These have the advantage of warm water and enable us to practice capsize and recovery skills.

The Club will provide buoyancy aids, boats and paddles; you will need to provide suitable clothing and a change of clothes for each session – if you don’t have a change of clothes we cannot allow you to participate.

Attending a Session

We are delighted that you are thinking of attending an Induction session and hopefully considering joining our club and be part of this terrific sport. Induction is an important part of this process as it aims to build your confidence in paddling to ensure your safety on the water and to familiarise you with the way that we operates as a club.

To attend an Induction, you must complete our Membership Form. This is available on the right as either on on-line form or for download and completion by hand. This form should be posted, together with your payment to the address on the form. If you complete the on-line form, you will be expected to pay at your first session. Introductory Sessions are charged at £5 per person. Once you have attended an induction you will be formally accepted into club membership. You must also complete the following induction application.

Gloucester Canoe Club Induction – Instructions and Personal Details

Once you have completed the details below, you will be notified of a date where you will be guided through our induction process. In the Spring, Summer and early Autumn these will take place on the Gloucester Sharpness Canal at Hempstead Meadows at 6pm

Paddle & Familiarisation

On the Induction session and after changing into suitable paddling kit, kayaks/canoes, buoyancy aids and paddles will be allocated to each participant. After basic safety procedures are discussed (and demonstrated), you will be shown how to launch and get into your kayak (with help if required). We will then go out on the Gloucester Sharpness Canal for a paddle and to learn about safety on the water. You will have the opportunity to learn basic paddling techniques.

Also optionally and if the conditions are suitable, capsize and recovery skills under the guidance of a qualified coach may be demonstrated and practiced. There are opportunities to practice these skills at swimming pool sessions in the winter months if you prefer. We do, however, feel that you should experience these within your first year of paddling. It is better to practice and never need than for it to happen when you are unprepared.

You will also find out about the Club, safety rules, and facilities available to us and when and where you can paddle.

Post Induction

Once you have taken advantage of these sessions and you wish to continue using club facilities, you would be expected to become a member and attend a more formal induction. These post induction sessions aim provide more detailed coaching in the basic canoeing strokes to keep you safe on the water and to to tell you more about the way the club works including our operating procedures. Depending on conditions you may then be able to join in other activities organised by the club.

When you have decided that kayaking / canoeing is for you, the club expects you to start purchasing your own kit. We do have discounts with several retailers and members will be able to give help and advice on what sort of kit to purchase and what comes first.

The introductory sessions allow those interested in taking up the sport to:

  • Try your hand at paddling
  • Learn how to use equipment safely
  • Understand more about the club, the range of opportunities for different types of canoeing activity and the kit available for these
  • Meet club members
  • See if this is a sport suitable for you
Introductory sessions are charged at £5 per person.


Download an Membership Application Form.  Its in MS Word or Adobe PDF application form.  These can be completed off-line and posted to the address on the form.