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Paddling around Alny Island in 2017

At 9am. on Sunday morning 8th October 2017, eleven brave warriors set out from the clubhouse and paddled up to the docks.  There, we had the unique and welcome experience of entering the locks and being lowered down to the Severn.  Hanging a left, we paddled down to a weir (is it Llanthony weir?). Unfortunately, the river level was high and there was nothing to play on. Boredom set in and I decided to apply some war paint.  We then paddled down to the bottom tip of Alney island where we rendezvoused with Victoria, our official trip photographer.

We then had to wait twenty minutes or so for the bore which, apparently, doesn’t know about the timetable and can be unpredictable with it’s timekeeping.  Nine souls elected to face the bore, cut through the waves, turn and ride the surge upstream.  Andy and myself would try to surf the wave.

When the wave appeared, it was a really good height for a one star and came strongly at the first group who all did well to cut through it without mishap.  It was extremely frustrating, but when the bore reached Andy and I, the wave subsided (we were too close to the tip of the island). The wave rose again after it passed us and although we paddled furiously, we couldn’t catch it.

We all rode the swell upstream to Maisemore weir which was going backwards.  We then turned right and came back down the river to the locks where we were admitted and raised up to the docks. Fantastic idea these locks!

A very enjoyable morning was had by all. Lovely bright weather and nobody swam. Even Tom stayed dry.  Thanks to Mike and Brian for organising it.

Author: Chris