Our White Water Activities

Another of our primary activities is White Water paddling.

The club has a very active group of white water paddlers who are out most weekends paddling.  We use our local rivers such as the Usk and Wye, but also do trips and weekends further afield.  This includes North Wales, Dartmoor, the NE of England, the Lakes and Scotland.  We also visit the Cardiff White Water Centre throughout the year to practice and develop skills in a more predictable environment.  Check out our calendar for the next activity.

Most years we also organise a trip to the Alps for a week immersion (pun) in more challenging rivers.  See our posts on the latest trips.  In addition to these we combine with other members to for joint trips to areas of interest for all.  Of course, we also like to surf, see our Sea, Surf and Touring page.

To contact us about White Water paddling use the ‘Contact us’ for on this page.  Make sure you select ‘WW Paddling’ as the subject from the drop down.  Alternatively, email us directly on white-water@gloucestercanoeclub.co.uk.

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