Sea and Surf paddling

This is a growing interest in the club

Over the past few years a number of members have undertaken a small number of sea paddles.  These have been along the Gower Coast and Lulworth Cove area of the south coast.  As we are only dipping our toes into this activity, we would welcome new members with more experience.  We would like to get together coaching and training opportunities to develop this aspect of the club in the future.

Gower kayak surfing

Surfing is also an interest with many members of the club, not just the white water paddlers.  Every year we organise a long weekend camp on the Gower to which all members are welcome.  This provides an opportunity to both Surf and Sea Paddle.  Some members also dabble in stand up paddling at this time.  For those less inclined to exert themselves, there is always the opportunity to soak in the sun rather than the sea. This enables families to join in the fun.  Our surfers also regularly organise spontaneous trips to Porthcawl to surf in Rest Bay or surrounding area.

The Severn Bore

Being Gloucester based, we have to include surfing on the Severn Bore.  Most years, surfing members take on the bore at some stage or other.  Bores happen every day as the incoming tide pushed back against the flow of the river.  However, Spring and Autumn are the traditional time for taking on this challenge.

If you are interested then us the 'Contact' form on the right (or below), selecting Sea or Surf Paddling as the subject.  Of course, you can also contact use using the address address.

Paddling in Gloucestershire