The Gloucester Marathon

The Gloucester Hasler Marathon Race

Our Hasler race this year is at the Gloucester Boathouse, Hempsted Meadow, Gloucester.  If our previous race at Gloucester is anything to go by we expect a large entry so you are advised to plan to arrive as early as possible. Registration and refreshments will be available.  Please contact for further information.

Hasler Racers
The race is based at the Gloucester boathouse.  Click this link for a google map of its location.  There are facilities on site and supermarkets both not and south of the site.   You need to drive right to the end of the Hempsted Meadows access road and turn right into the boathouse grounds.  You are advised to keep valuables secure and lock your vehicles.  Their may also be a Covid-19 testing facility on the meadow.

Toilets and separate changing facilities are available in the boathouse.

Division Division Division
Singles 1, 2 & 3: 12 miles 4, 5 & 6: 8 miles 7, 8, 9 & 10: 4 miles
Lightning U10/U12: 2.2 miles
Doubles 2 & 3: 12 miles 4, 5 & 6: 8 miles 7, 8, & 9: 4 miles

There are no portages planned for this year.

This event will be run in accordance with current British Canoeing Marathon Rules.

All competitors in 7, 8, 9, 10 and Lightning must wear buoyancy aids. Those in classes above these may choose not to wear PFDs but do so at their own risk.

SW Regional number boards will be provided to all entries.

It is the paddlers responsibility to ensure theses are returned at the end of the race, failiure to do so will result in us chasing you and you potentially forfeiting the race placing and any Hasler points.

Check In: Open from 10am.  Lightningentries close at 10:45am. Check in for others closes11.15am
Briefings: Lightning: 11.00 am Divisions 1-10: 11.45 am
Starts: Lightning: 11.40 am Divisions 1-6: 12.40 pm Division 7-10: 1.10 pm

All timings are subject to change either before, or on the day.

All entry fees are ‘per seat’.  I.e., for each paddler; not kayak/canoe.

The entry fee for Junior & Senior marathon racers is £10.00; for Lightning Class racers it is £5.00

All entries should be received preferably by HRM by Midnight on the Thursday before the race.  Please note that if payment is made online (you should ask for details when entering) by 6pm on the Friday before the race then a discount of £1.00 is applied, making the fee £9.00 per seat.  A Late Entry fee of £3.00 per seat will be charged thereafter.

Changing a complete boat crew on the day will be classed as ‘Late Entry‘ and you will be charged accordingly.

Lightning Class paddlers are not eligible for a discount but will not be charged a late entry fee.

Entry Details

Either by HRM system or use the following form and email to  Alternatively you can enter on-line here (tablet or PC only).  (This email address can be used for race enquiries too).

Other canal users include fishermen and large motorised craft.  Wildlife including swans and ducks are common. There may be overhanging trees and some high banks in places.   There will be other canal traffic and a large trip boat at regular intervals.

Prizes will be awarded for the first 3 places in all classes where there are more than four (4) entries. Where there are fewer entries, only the first 2 places will qualify for a prize.

Prizes will also be awarded to all Lightning Class paddlers.

Refreshments will be provided free of charge for competitors after their event. To qualify, competitors must hand in their South West Region race number board to catering staff as payment.

All visitors will be able to purchase hot and cold food and drinks throughout the day.

The race review and graph will be published as soon as possible and be shown below.  In the meantime here is the review and results of the previously published race.  To see the full details click the posts title.

1509, 2019

Gloucester Results 2019

September 15th, 2019|

Gloucester Hasler Results 2019 Our 5th Gloucester Hasler was another huge success, with over 100 entries.  The race included a wide range of people and craft taking part, and for the first time, the race included a turning point in the Docks at Gloucester.  Clear weather and good conditions meant that the racing was good and there were some very close racing.  Well done to those taking parts in the race. Huge thanks to those who assisted with the day, including, safety kayaks, time keepers and of course the cooking team. Any enquires, thanks or comments can be sent to Provisional results are as follows: Gloucester – Results 2019.

Paddling in Gloucestershire