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How to join Gloucester Canoe Club

Have look at the club diary and find out when we are holding Induction Sessions.  Make contact with the club and come along to several of our Tuesday meets.  Tuesday is usually at the club house (hut) in Gloucester.   In all cases, there is usually equipment available to borrow.  Check out our ‘Join in…‘ page.

It is a good idea to contact one of the club coaches; Mike, Jane or Brian, to let us know when you want to come so that we can make sure we have suitable boats available.  It will also enable us to chat with you to find out your interests and any existing skills.

You can fill in the form on the right if you like as this will get sent to all those who need to know.

Club Membership

If you decide to join us as a member there are three types of membership:

  • Full Adult Membership
    £40 for the first year, £30 thereafter.

  • Family Membership
    £55 for the first year, £40 thereafter

  • Student Membership
    Please contact the treasurer.

Full membership covers one adult over the age of 18 and enables you to join in our activities for the year.

Family Membership covers two adults and your children again for one year.

Student Membership is for those between 16* and 21 and in some form of education.

On-line Application

Download an application form Membership-Application-2017 first and complete it; (it’s a PDF  document).

Once you have completed the application form, click on the button shown.

Please note that you need to attache the completed application form to the form.

If you have any difficulties with the above form or find an issue with the site please contact the web manager.

All memberships include BCU affiliation, discounted pool sessions, ongoing coaching as appropriate, use of basic club kit and provides third party insurance while engaged on club activities. Once you have joined there is no extra charge per session, the only things you need to pay for are pool sessions, star test or other specific course fees, travelling and parking costs and launch or race fees off site.

When our new club house is completed there may be facilities to store personal boats on-site for additional fees.

* Young adults and students between 16 and 18 must get their application countersigned by a responsible adult.


  • All members take part at their own risk.
  • All canoes, kayaks and other craft used must be fitted with adequate buoyancy equipment
  • All members must wear a buoyancy aid when on the water
  • All applicants must be able to swim 50m fully clothed and without buoyancy aids
  • After a maximum of twelve months as a member the club expects new members to purchase their own equipment, as a minimum this should include a buoyancy aid