Ireland – the wrong way round

//Ireland – the wrong way round

Ireland – the wrong way round

One member of Gloucester Canoe Cub and two friends plan to circumnavigate Ireland in April 2017.

Gavin Lewis has dreamt of an expedition around Ireland and at first was thinking of doing this alone. After conversations with friends, a few other people had the same idea. They met again many times meeting up for chats about possible plans and to go on sea paddling trips.  Then we decided to go for it as a team.

The date was set and we started the preparations for our expedition around Ireland in April 2017.

There are three in the team:  Gavin, Elan and Tavi.  Unlike most teams that have circumnavigated Ireland we will be travelling anti-clockwise. We believe we will be the first group to circumnavigated Ireland this way giving us more of a challenge.

We would like to do the trip in less than 40 days with as little support as possible.  But as we well know the nature of the coastline and weather will be difficult and demanding physically and mentally at times but also beautiful and rewarding.  We are extremely excited about the trip, as it is an opportunity to gain experiences and realize our own potentials.

We are all very realistic and know that this is going to be a challenge, we will come across some difficult times and we will all need to work together and dig deep personally to succeed.

The three of us are working together as a team to complete this challenge but we are all also completing this challenge for personal reasons. Each of us has our own charities to raise money and awareness for. We have been sponsored by a number of companies to help us on our way as well as our friends and family whom will supporting us before during and after the challenge in which we are very thank full for. All of which we could not do without.

Gavin’s chosen charity is ‘Keeping Abreast’ which has been and still is supporting my mum, I am looking to raise around £5000 to go towards a new bit of kit to help with the reconstruction that women go through.

A bit of background:- Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is the second largest island of the British Isles, the third largest in Europe, and the twentieth largest on Earth.  The entire coastline measures 3171 kilometres. That includes every little bay & inlet. To Kayak around Ireland, we will need to commit to many open crossings, the longest being Donegal Bay at 50 plus kilometers. It’s thought that most paddlers who complete the journey cover a distance of about 1200 to 1500 kilometers.

We will document our challenge as often as we can over social media and communications to our family and friends.  We would love you to follow us and if possible donate to our charities via virgin money.

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