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Induction Sessions

We are always looking for new participants.  Whether you are a complete novice and want to find out what canoeing is like or you have experience and want to join a club where you can continue to develop your skills, you are welcome.  We cater for all interests and we are keen to get you out on the water in the most suitable craft for you and / or your family.  View the club diary for details of all our Inductions sessions


If you are coming along for a visit and you have no specialist kit then this list should provide you with the basics.

  • Some old light weight clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or muddy
  • A pair of trainer – flip-flops are not really suitable as they may fall off in the water
  • You should bring a towel – large so that you can dry off if necessary and a change of clothes – please note we do not yet have showering facilities in the shed
  • In colder weather, do bring a jacket or something to keep you warm

For pool sessions you will also need swim wear and a nose clip is useful.

Once you have decided that kayaking / canoeing is for you, we do expect you to start purchasing your own kit.  In the first instance this should be a buoyancy aid followed by other clothing items.  We do have discounts with several retailers and members will be able to give help and advice on what sort of kit to purchase.

Contact us

Fill in this contact form to make initial contact so that we can make sure you enjoy your canoeing experience with us.

Alternatively, you can email us at using your own email client.  Please remember to give us as much information as possible.

Please note that it is unwise to contact us about events happening within 24 hours.  We may well not be able to respond in such a short time.

Contact the Committee

You can contact any member of the committee using these links:

Our email lists – members & committee are closed lists and emails sent by non-members will be automatically discarded.