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Home Turf

Images taken on the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal

Local Rivers

Paddling on the local area.

The River Wye

Our 2017 Wye Camping Trip

Our 2016 Wye Camping Trip

Other trips on the picturesque river Wye

One of our Yat trips 2016

River Dart January 2018

The Doggy Paddle

Our 2016 images

Annual trip down the river Avon.

Sea Paddling

Our 2017 adventures to Rest Bay

Our 2017 trip to the Gower, South Wales

Our 2016 annual trip to the Gower

Images of other trips to the Gower, South Wales.

Training in the Pool

During the Winter we practice skills in a local pool.

Trips in the UK

River Dart January 2017

The January 2016 river Dart trip

The river Monnow 2015

At the end of November we did a Sunday trip on the river Monnow.

An excursion on the Kennet and Avon

Previous Trips

Including the river Dart and rivers in Scotland, Wales.

Trips abroad

Alps Trip 2017

Various canoeing trips in the Alps

Hasler Racing

Gloucester Hasler 2016

Our Inaugural Hasler Marathon Canoe Race 2015

You can view a complete range of images at one of our members personal on-line google album