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Experienced club members are happy to give up their time to coach novice paddlers, we were all there once! We do this because we want to promote the many benefits of the sport to others. Historically our coaching has always been on a very informal basis, however we do have several coaches that are qualified to current Canoe England Standards, which does give the opportunity for members to achieve some formal canoeing qualifications if they so wish. Please ask if there is something in particular that you want to do, and if we can’t do it ‘in house’ then we most likely know a ‘man that can’.

Our beginners sessions run from April, every other Tuesday during the summer until September. We don`t run beginner trips during the winter.

During the colder months you will need your own personal warm gear to paddle on the rivers.

To contact any of our coaches please email:

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Wed19 04, 2017

Calendar for 2017

April 19th, 2017|Categories: Coaching, Racing, Recreation, Touring, White Water|

The general ethos for Tuesday and Friday night sessions is as follows:

Tuesday Night is Club Night whereby it is the intention to offer the opportunity to join in with either a group doing Marathon Training, a ‘touring’ group having a social paddle, a beginners/induction/stroke training group based at the clubhouse or, during the summer, […]

Sat22 10, 2016

Boathouse Appeal

October 22nd, 2016|Categories: Coaching, Racing, Recreation, Social, Touring, White Water|

Vote to support our Boathouse Appeal

As you may have seen, the shell of the new Gloucester Boathouse is nearing completion and fitting out of the ground floor with boat storage areas and limited shower and toilet facilities will soon be done; we will then be able to start using the […]