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There are activities going on most weekends, members will benefit from contacts with like-minded people, ask and most things can be arranged or someone else will be up for joining you.

Induction & Beginners Taster Sessions

These sessions are for potential new members to learn a bit about the club, what it has to offer, and expectations of members. It will include info for beginners and there will be an opportunity to have a short taster on the canal. This will need to have been completed before a new paddler can attend the skills session. A new paddler must join the club after 3 sessions to be able to continue paddling.

Skills Sessions

These sessions will aim to provide new paddlers with the opportunity to learn the basic skills and intermediates with the opportunity to work through the star tests,  improve their paddling and work towards assistant and coaching awards.

Moving Water Sessions

These sessions are aimed at introducing and developing  moving water skills.  Moving water is classified using numbers to indicate  the difficulty in safely navigating the stretch of water.

Social Paddles

These are likely to be a trip to the pub and back or a relaxed wander down the canal or other local water way such as the river Frome.  New paddlers must have completed at least two or three sessions first.

Local River Trips

These are local tours. New paddlers must have completed at least two to three skills sessions before joining one of these trips.

Marathon Training

This will take place on the canal most Tuesdays. This is open to anyone competent enough to paddle without the need for supervision and keen to get fit.

The Severn Bore – You will no doubt be aware of it. It is a tidal phenomenon; one of only a few in the world and it’s on our doorstep!! Several times a year it is possible to surf the tidal wave as it charges up the Severn estuary, achieved distances range from a few metres to several miles. Obviously inexperienced paddlers should not consider this, as it is a serious undertaking, however with the right training and guidance, you to could join the Bore Warriors.

Social events – Members regularly enjoy a drink after a hard evenings paddling as well as other events like BBQ’s, Weekends camping (not always with boats), Foreign trips, Curry nights and an annual dinner.